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Below is my current resume for download. I believe I am at my best as the sole Sales and Marketing collateral creator for a company as I have 15 years of experience as just that. Having done audits within this position that would be grouped into the overall sales and marketing department audits for corporate, I always saved Herley/Kratos/Ultra Electronics over $200,000 a year by doing as much in-house as possible while retaining professional quality. As well as finding the best deals possible for outsourced printing. A quick listing of my functions:

My girlfriend who is an Account Executive at a local advertising firm (she won't let me work with her unfortunately for our sanity) has used the term of what I normally did as being an
Ad-Agency-In-A-Box. And as such a bane to advertising agencies as it closes most the loop for agencies to get in and charge fairly high prices for what I usually do at a wage of 3 times less their hourly with as good of quality. Of course, there are certain things probably best left to agencies to do. But any company that has daily updates and creation of their product sell sheets, catalogs, etc. that need to be done within an hour or few for meetings, marketers having to catch last minute flights or need to be on the internet asap, I'm probably who you'd want.


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