Design Work Examples

Design Work

A selected menagerie of past works with the Defense Electronics field and personal. Programs used in these:

Unfortunately when my position of 15 years as a Graphic Designer / Marketing Communications Specialist was terminated, I was unable to take the majority of my design work along. Partly due to them owning everything I did for them and partly as a lot of the work falls under classified information. And (stupidly on my part) a lot of my personal design work which I was allowed to do on downtime to brush up skills was also lost by being on their computer at the time of the mass layoff.

As such, these examples were publicly released and are compliant to International Trafficking in Arms Regulations (ITAR), or are my own personal works that do not fall with those restrictions. Images have been converted to much lower resolution for site download speed.


Tri-fold Tradeshow Brochure example


Marketing brochure with business card hold (white space inside)

Ultra datasheet

Ultra Electronics data/sell sheets, branding guidelines & design

Kratos datasheet

Kratos Defense data/sell sheets, branding guidelines & design


Tradeshow graphics and all marketing collateral pictured in image

Wireframe drawing F16

Custom Illustrator works for marketing and tradeshow graphics (F16 example)

Custom design tradeshow

Custom Illustrator works implemented into booth graphics

Star Charts outside

the Star Charts 12" vinyl packaging, one image used (front cover/top), all created in Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop Collage

Collage for Paste Magazine article

Photoshop 3 Dwarfs

"3 Dwarfs": Photoshop, no images used

Highspire Your Everything

Highspire - Your Everything, digipack cd layout